Vocal Training

Sheri Gould is an expert in helping people to incorporate healthy vocal technique into a contemporary style. Her captivating and upbeat style of communication helps to keep audiences engaged! Sheri can focus her classes on either team/group vocals or individualized vocal technique. Two of her most popular class descriptions are as follows:

Basic Vocal Technique

We’ll discuss basic vocal technique and care for the voice. Learn how to strengthen your voice and increase your range. Learn how to improve your tone and relieve tension in your voice. We’ll discuss stage presence, communication. All part of what we do as we sing and lead in worship. All this and more are covered in this interactive quest that’s fun, yet very informative. 

Take your Worship Team to the Next Level

Fine tune your worship team vocals. Learn how to take your vocals to the next level by sharpening listening skills and intonation. In addition, we’ll cover mic technique for group singing, getting the best harmony and blend for your group, improvisational techniques, arranging your team, finding the best key, how to work productively with your tech team, how to gracefully submit to leadership, and much more!


Sherry is a gifted communicator, regardless of the subject matter. In addition to her expertise in all things vocal, she is also frequently asked to speak on other subjects as well. Sharing her perspective on what makes an effective worship leader/team, often endears her to audiences as she frequently touches on some difficult subjects such as: 

“What do you do with a diva?” “Keeping your motives pure.” “How do you prepare yourself for leading in 10 minutes when you’re spent all morning putting up fires?”  – as well as many others.

Her classes on “Women in Leadership” and “Women Leading Worship” are filled with tools to help women navigate through the sometimes tricky waters of leading in a primarily male-dominated craft.   

Having spent 13 years as director of Good News Productions, Sheri is also uniquely qualified to speak on all things drama-related as well. She has experience in writing, directing, composing and choreographing evangelistic musicals, as well as all the things that go into starting and growing a thriving drama ministry in your church or community. 

Sheri is also available to share her exciting, touching, and challenging testimony. 

Worship Leading

Sheri is a versatile vocalist ready to lead worship or perform at your event. Alongside her husband, Doug, they serve as dedicated worship leaders at their local church, sharing their passion for music and spirituality with love and harmony, making them a dynamic duo for any occasion.


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