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We are interrupting the tip of the week with a HUGE PRE-ORDER SALE!!!

Pre-Order the two Newest DVD’s at a price cut! 
normally $18 each grab these before they come out for only $30 for both and we will send them your way when they release APRIL 15th

Harmony and Improv 
Do you wish you could sing harmony? Do you wish you knew how to make up your own harmony? Do you wish you could teach others to sing harmony? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the video for you! Join veteran vocal coach Sheri Gould as she makes learning harmony simple and fun. In this fast paced interactive video you’ll get a basic understanding of harmonic structure as it applies to singing. You’ll learn some great exercises for improving intonation and learning how to create effective and beautiful harmonies. Next you’ll get the chance to try your hand at some improvisation as Sheri breaks it down to simple terms and helps give you the confidence you need. A great practical video for anyone looking to improve vocal skills for themselves or their teams!

For Women Only 
Are you looking to understand more about the female voice? This is the perfect video for you! Join Sheri as she explains the typical issues that affect the female voice and how to work effectively with them. This video includes straight talk about how hormones can affect female vocal cords from puberty though menopause and how to overcome problems associated with them. Sheri also discusses the female “break”, how to improve your speaking voice, how to achieve and maintain a healthy vibrato, the importance of getting and giving feedback and she even helps you find and understand your vocal range.
Are you a woman? Do you work with women on your vocal team? Do you lead or teach women? Then this video will be a helpful tool in helping you work with and train your women!


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