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Warm-up VS Work-out Part 2

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Work-out phase one   

If your desire is to take your voice to the next level, you need to routinely be (properly) pushing yourself vocally. By this I mean to attempt new and better things. If you aren’t crazy about your tone then try vocalises that will help you to create a better tone and resonance. If you are looking to expand your range, then try vocalises that will enable you to relax more and reach farther. If want to build vocal endurance then you need to be spending longer periods of time vocalizing and singing, etc.  Whatever your goals are vocally, this is the part of your vocal routine where you actually work-out and ‘push’ your voice. Really, you’re pushing your self and you’re getting into—or back into the shape you want to be in.

As always a trusty mirror comes in handy! Your next invaluable tool is a recorder. Nothing beats a vocal coach sitting (or standing) right next to you pushing you properly and giving you feedback and direction—just a like a personal trainer during a physical work-out. But when this is not available, doing “self checks” is the next best thing.  This is where your mirror and recorder come in. Use them!! Listen to yourself sing and get used to how you sound. Listen as objectively and critically as you can. Then purpose to work on the things that you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable doing. When you reach the end of your own knowledge and ability, it’s seriously time to get into the vocal coach’s office!

Work-out phase two

You are ready to sing!! Once you’ve completely warmed up and vocalized, you’re in the best shape to sing. Sadly, many people skip the warm-up and “work-out phase one” not realizing that singing is actually a vocal workout! If, for sake of time or other necessity, you must skip something—skip the “work-out phase one”. This can be done on the days that you have time set aside to work on your voice. But warming up should never be skipped before singing. Enjoy singing and take care of the voice God has given you!


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    Sheri –

    I would like to download your DVD’s on my Kindle Fire. Do you offer this service?

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