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How to have a really “cool” choir part 2

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How to have a really cool choir. 

If you are a choir member you need to realize that everyone needs to be committed.
There should rarely if ever be exceptions made to the requirement of all members to attend all ongoing choir gatherings. This should be the case regardless of personal/work/other circumstances. If a person is unable to commit to weekly rehearsals, prayer times or other special times of gathering, then they need to find their place elsewhere in the body. This is at a minimum the commitment necessary for true teamwork to evolve.  A very negative message is sent to all when one member is afforded  special privileges. It matters not how talented or qualified the person might be to “step in” and sight-sing perfectly. This is about ministry of a higher sort than simply putting on the best song performance possible. I would also add that it is rarely a plus even from a practical musical point of view anyway, adding someone at the last minute can seriously trip up your regular singers as well as your blend and balance. No decent SECULAR choir would ever allow it, and I maintain that we as believers have even more reason to maintain the highest standards both musically and personally.

Pray, sing, worship and have fun together!
Gelling as a team is something that can take time and some strategy. Yes we need to work on blend and tone quality, diction etc, but we also need to move and breathe as a team. In order to truly develop this we have to plan for times of fellowship, laughter and worship together. Many time we are on such a schedule that we fail to take the time to laugh at something that truly is funny, even IN a rehearsal. Special dinners or holiday parties go a long way to develop bonds between members. A time of prayer set aside each week for specific needs of the church body as a whole and the choir members individually is absolutely necessary. This type of thing will help you get to know everyone on a more personal level. Now having said this, there is a very important note to choir members:

Please respect the rehearsal time and your director!
The rehearsal is NOT the time to catch up with your best friend or to share secrets while another section is practicing. Your attention should always be toward what the director is doing. Many times I’ll employ the trick of having everyone sing the part that I’m going over, even if they have to sing it in a different range. This helps the choir to stay focused during those times that can feel like forever.

Being is a choir can be one of the most powerful ministries you’ll ever be a part of. Many warm memories and exciting ministry times have come as a result of my being both IN a choir and DIRECTING a choir. There is such a power when God’s people come together and sing His praises in powerful, beautiful harmony. It sometimes feels as though we catch a glimpse of heaven and that’s really cool…


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