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Let’s talk “song delivery” Part 2

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Let’s talk “song delivery”

The key
One of the most important aspects in making sure that your song delivery is the best it can be, is by choosing the proper key for your song.  Most songs that we are listening to on our contemporary worship CDs and in turn singing in our churches are typically sung in a conversational style. This conversational style of singing is best suited when sung in the ‘sweet’ part of your range or at least that part of your range that you’re the most capable of articulating your song similarly to the way you would simply speak it. If the key is too high, you won’t be able to articulate the words as well. You’ll also have to sing in a style that is likely not conversational but more classical or you’ll be straining and in that case the message once again can be compromised. If it’s too low you’ll be groveling and not be able to even ‘eek’ out certain words, let alone tones. So stay in a key that allows you to freely express the song in its entirety.

Once you’re comfortable with the words and the key, then you can begin to memorize the song. This is one of the most important aspects of delivering a song well. Vocalists who are reading words as they are singing are doing a great disservice to themselves and their audience. There is no way to convey to your audience the message you want to give them when your head is buried in the words. In addition, it hasn’t become your song until you make it yours. You are simply replicating a song you heard. Your audience deserves more. If we (as your audience) wanted to simply hear a song, we could’ve listened to it on a CD. However, we wanted you to minister to us through your song. Not simply read it to us while you’re adding musical tone to it.



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