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Let’s talk “song delivery” Part 1

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Let’s talk “song delivery”

This week we’re going to look at what makes for a song delivery that is powerful and touches people the way you want them to be touched.

What makes for an effective delivery of a song?
First of all let’s define what we mean by ‘delivery’ of a song. By way of analogy we’ll look at the most famous of all delivery people-the “Pizza Delivery Guy”. What is his job? He takes a pizza (hopefully deliciously made and piping hot) and makes sure that you receive the pie in as close as possible to the original intended condition. Completely intact without being messed up, too cold or with extra things on it that you did not order or expect.

Our job in delivering a song is not all that different. We want to make sure that the song we are singing gets to the ears, minds and hearts of our listeners. We want to make sure that the integrity of the message doesn’t get skewed somehow. We also want to make sure that any ‘additions’ we make are welcome and add to the overall ‘product’. In essence we are tying to give the people what they ordered—a blessing, encouragement or exhortation.

How do we start?

The message
Once you’ve decided to sing a song and you’ve chosen a song to your liking, it’s time to work on the message of the song.  You need first of all to be sure that the song is ‘saying’ what you feel needs to be ‘said’. In addition, you need to KNOW what that message is! All too many singers are simply singing songs because they like the way the song sounds without being mindful of what they are actually ‘saying’.  They’re drawn more to the music then they are the message. So be careful when you choose your song to take all of that into consideration.

I like to have my students first take the text for a week and only speak it-like a piece of poetry. This will truly bond you to the words and the message will become more a part of you. After you’ve memorized the words and can really say them effectively, then you’ll be more confident that you have a real grasp on the meaning of the song. In this way you can better deliver ‘the message’ of the song.



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