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Vocals for men only Part 2 of 2

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For MEN ONLY! – part 2 of 2

One last thing that men in particular seem to struggle with is getting their mouths open.  The tendency is to “open” their mouths more from side to side than from top to bottom. This way they FEEL like their mouths are open!  In reality they are forcing their tone to go out through their nose rather than their mouths, and typically end up with a nasally “twang.”  There is a certain vulnerability sensed when you open your mouth past a certain point.  I’m not sure why this is, but I know that it’s true. Maybe it stems back to the motorcycle riding days when they got that first bug caught in between their teeth… But it’s usually pretty bug-free on most singing platforms today, and you guys need to get those mouths open!  It will make for a better tone and far less strain.

So guys, what’s the first step? Well of course, get some lessons if you can. Read my column faithfully, either way, and make friends with your mirror. Watch yourself sing a lot. If you have the opportunity to get a videotape of yourself, DO IT! Watch and listen.  There should be about an inch and a half between your teeth (or roughly two fingers worth) when you sing your vowels. Remember you can’t, or shouldn’t, sing a consonant (you ARTICULATE a consonant); you can only sing a vowel.  Look for all these things.  Remember to keep your tongue flat against the back of your bottom teeth, while bringing the corners of your mouth IN. Avoid looking like you are smiling when you sing.  Only Chris Tomlin can do that and still get Male Vocalist of the Year! Nice job Chris!!

(Hmmm…”Sheri Gould’s guide to singing in six easy steps”…it does kind of have a nice ring to it…)


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