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Vocals for women only Part 2 of 3

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For Women Only


The biggest problem that most women have, by far, is creating a voice that is a seamless instrument, from the lowest pitch to the highest. More often than not, we find that an untrained voice is full of “flips,” “breaks,” and different tonal parts. But a trained voice effectively eliminates these impurities through proper technique and a lot of work!  However, there are many untrained vocalists in the genre of pop and contemporary Christian music that are hailed as great singers but simply do not display a refined, smooth voice.  Unfortunately, these musical icons have set a fairly low standard that is leading so many of our young singers down a road of frustration.

This is also why, in part, many untrained singers think their range is so small.  Without having learned to make it through some of the rough spots in their voice, they mistakenly feel like they’ve reached the “end” of their range. Once proper vocal technique (for men AND women) is utilized, a side benefit is usually quite an increase in range.

Here are some of those techniques:

  • Breathing: Diaphragmatic breathing is essential to master.  A strong singing voice requires strong support. It is also important to develop the habit of breathing through the nose and out the mouth to help keep the cords from drying out:  avoid throat gasping.
  • Proper vowel shaping and tongue placement:  Learning to get the mouth open, the tongue flat, and the lips relaxed and full.
  • Larynx control: Ability to control the larynx. A necessity in terms of proper singing and determining thickness of tone.
  • Resonance: Understanding the various places of resonance, and the ability to place one’s tone properly.
  • Chord adduction or “thinning”: Shortening the amount of contact the vocal cords have. Learning to do this smoothly will eliminate the breaks and flips referred to earlier.


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