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Top 5 Tips for worship teams

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Sheri’s Top 5 Tips for Worship Teams

#1) Let Philippians 2:3 be your mantra: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Remember that the platform is His – it’s not about you. Be a team player at all times and that means being willing to be humble and flexible.

#2) Spend time worshipping alone. Get to know who you are as a worshipper when it’s just you and God. Also take time to worship as a team; don’t just practice the mechanics of the music. After all the work is done, spend some time just engaging in worship as a team.

#3) Make sure to warm up vocally. Even if you can’t take time as a team to do it, make sure that you as an individual come prepared and vocally warmed up.

#4) Take some time during rehearsal to practice the vocals separately from the band. Use no sound reinforcement and just sing a cappella. This will ensure that you can hear your mistakes, correct them, and get a decent blend.

#5) Know your stuff. Come musically and spiritually prepared. Make sure you understand the correct use of your microphone and sound equipment.

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